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[22 Dec 2006|04:49pm]
my dog has a tumor in his leg...

...they dont know long he will live

the end
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[16 Dec 2005|01:39am]
so theres this boy from school and i kinda like him alot : )
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: ) [20 Nov 2005|08:19pm]
can i just say how much i love fredonia and i love my friends and im just really happy... thats all : )
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waiting to go home and extremely bored! [11 Oct 2005|11:21am]
50 Things You May Have Not Known About Me

1. What is your middle name?

2. What color underwear are you wearing now?
i dunno... i think blue

3. What are you listening to right now?
the construction outiside my window.. yea i hate it

4. What are the last 2 digits in your phone number?
37 for home... 80 for cell

5. What was the last thing you ate?
cinnimon pop-tarts!! (warmed up in the microwave for 10 seconds ooh my god soooo good!!)

6. If you were a crayon what color would you be?
macaroni and cheese... it has the best name! obviously

7. How is the weather right now?
coooold!! fredonia is freeeezing!!

8. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
judi i think

9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
theyre face

10. Favorite type of Food?
pizzaaaa and chicken quesadillas (from taco bell!)

11. Do you drink?
12. Do you smoke?
never have

13. Ever get so drunk you don't remember what you did?
yessss :-x

14. Hair color?
dirty blonde.. almost a really light brown

15. Eye color?

16. Do you wear contacts?
i tried them once but i didnt like them

17. Favorite Holiday?
4th of july!! (its my birthday ya know) and christmas

18. Favorite Month?
june or july

19. Have you ever cried for no reason?

20. What was the last movie you watched?
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN with the loves of my life orlando bloom and johnny depp ooooh yesssss

21. Favorite Day of the Year?
obviously my birthday

22. Are u too shy to ask someone out?
i used to be but i dunno about now

23. If you can say something to someone right now what would it be?
im hungry lol

24. Hugs or Kisses
hugs for sure

25. Chocolate or Vanilla?
chocolate... unless its ice cream then i say vanilla

26. Do you want your friends to respond?
who cares lol

29. What books are you reading?
my millions of text books for school... yup

30. Piercings?
each ear

31. Favorite Movie?
theres too many that i like to have a favorite

32. Favorite baseball Team?
yankeeeeees (but i dont really watch baseball alot)

33.What were you doing before this??
cleaning my room

34. Any pets?
my dog!!

35. aim?
of course

36. Butter, Plain or Salted popcorn?

37. Dogs or cats?
dogs... i hate cats

38. Favorite Flower?

39.Have you ever been caught doing something you weren't supposed to??
haha yes i have

40. Are you taken or single?
single and of course loving it

41.Have you ever loved someone?
definetly have... and stil do : (

42. Who would you like to see right now??
that kid that lives in florida :-/... you figure it out

43. Are you still friends with your exes?? .
yup.. except for lee cuz who knows where he is these days

44. Have you ever fired a gun?

45. Do you like to travel by plane?
i guess... its scary though

46. Right-handed or Left-handed?

47. If you could be with someone right now, who would it be??
again.. that kid form florida ahh : (

48. How many pillows do you sleep with?

49. Are you missing someone?
im missing soooo many people! im missing my entire senior class!!

50. Do you have a Tattoo?
no i dont
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update update update... [26 Sep 2005|09:39pm]
ok so i have gotten massive amounts of comments from my last entry and i very much appreciate it : )
so now let me fill you in on how i feel now.....

I started talking to my room mate from orientation, who i totally love, and Molly, the other girl we hung out with there. So the 3 of us hung out a little bit and then i went out friday night with them and had an amazing time. by far the craziest night in fredonia for this girl. Judi's friends from Buff State come down and one of them was from new zeland (i dunno how to spell it) and so he had an accent and wow he was hot. loove him!! lol but yea saturday i worked things out with ashley and me and her are totally fine now and having a blast. got things straightened out with chelsey and melissa and now im completely happy : )

i love it here now since things are finally in place and im getting used to this whole shit load of work everynight thing. last week was just bad but now things are good, i love my friends here, everyones happy and fredonia is a goood place to be right now : )

...oh yea and cheethams visiting me on saturday whoot! i love visitors!! :-D
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:-/.... [22 Sep 2005|08:01pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I havent relaly written anything in a while. I just havent had much to say but this i think is definetly worth writing about cuz i dont know what to do.....

When i first got to school I was like yea this is cool but i kinda felt outta place just cuz it was new with all new people. i figured it would get better the more time i spent here and got to know more people but its kindof the opposite of that. lately i just really havent liked here at all. i dont know what it is but something about being here just doesnt feel right. the friends i had in the beginning have just stopped asking me to chill with them and go out with them, whenever i ask them to do something they say no and make up some excuse about why they "cant". im just getting sick and tired of it.

last weekend i went to cortland, that was my second time going there and can i just say that i am closer and better friends with the people that go there then the people that go to my own school. i just feel comfortable there, like i fit in. just lately ive felt that the people in fredonia are just kinda mean and cliquey.. i hate that.

i dont what to do. i just really wish things would get better and people would actually ask me to chill instead of just kinda sitting around doing nothing. to be honest i feel like people dont like me here. its hard because i had so many friends in high school and i was always out doing stuff. now i do nothing and i feel like im wasting my time being here cuz i dont even really like it that much. ive tried everything i could possibly think of so who knows.

i just really dont know what to do...

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[28 Aug 2005|12:36am]
So next weekend i get to go to Cortland for a night to visit kevin..

..probably the highlite of my life

(anyone who knows my history with kevin would totally understand why)
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First Night in Fredoniaaaaa [22 Aug 2005|12:20am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Ok so i promised an update about my crazy first night at school. well once me and Ashley's (my room mate) parents left we didnt really know what to do so we just kinda hung around until Chelsea (Ashley's friend from orientation) called us and said that her and her room mate melissa were going to go to walmart so we decided to go to get some decorative things. while we were on our way to Chelsea's car we met up with a couple of their friends from orientation, mike (or kenline) and petey. After searching the parking lot for what seemed like forever, we finally found Chelsea's car, which is a convertable bug (sooo cute!!) We had too many then could fit in the car so i had to sit on Kenline's lap, which was funny cuz we didnt even know each other's names lol. we walked around walmart, had a good time, and then went back to the dorm.

Me and Ash tried to set up this light that we bought... failure at first but we finally got it lol its just really ghetto. Then Chels called us and told us to get ready cuz we were gonna go out. So we got all ready, went down to Chels and Melissa's room and took many pictures. Melissa had brought some vodka from home so the 4 of us all took our first shot as Fredonia students together : ) it was cuuuute. We decided to go to this frat party, so we took one more shot before we left and then we headed out. by this time we were already so tipsy and we had no clue where to go lol we walked around for a while trying to get it but eventually courtney came out and got us lol

The party was so much fun but craazy hot. we each had a mixed drink (lemonade and vodka) and just mingled. very very very VERY fun!! We were getting so hot though so we deicded to go down town and hit up sunny's, which is the 18 and over club. we had no clue where the hell it was so we kept trying to get directions from all these people but like we would remember. luckily some sophmores were going there too and they brought us. We got there at like midnight and at midnight Melissa turned 18!!! So we get into the club and it was craaazy hot in there too but it was wicked fun. we got ourselves some drinks, danced with random guys... fun ass time im not gonna lie.

After like an hour and a half me and Melissa were getting tired so me and her deicded to leave. Well we had no idea how to get back to campus so we just kinda walked in the general direction that we came. We ended up getting lost and standing on a street corner for a little bit trying to figure out where we were.. it was humerous, especially when the cop drove by us. haha. so anyways, we saw some people walking and decided ot follow them and luckily we got back to campus.

it was probably the best first night of college and i wont ever forget it. i love my girls : )

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[20 Aug 2005|03:23am]
SO an update about my crazy first day at fredonia should be coming very soon

...and let me say that it was definetly a crazy day/night : )
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[27 Jun 2005|12:36pm]
So im at alex's house right now with alex (obviously) emily, pat walker, and jay and were watching kill bill. Im not a fan of the bloody movies so this is kinda gross.... buuuut whatever. i havent updated in like forever, cuz i dunno what to write about. all i ever do is walk around the nieghborhood with the boys annoying our neighbors. its fun : )

graduation was saturday. it was kinda sad, but it hasnt really hit me yet. we were standing in the basement of the war memorial after the ceremony and i was weird cuz we were looking around at everyone thinking that we were probably never going to see t hem again. 4 years with these people and it all ends in one morning.

i dunno what else to write right now except that im not really enjoying this movie lol the sounds effects are pretty gross lol cuz im definetly not not watching it lol
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funny story... [19 Jun 2005|11:14pm]
so me and pat are sitting in his car talking to matt and josh and jay and pat comes over and goes "did you know your the neighborhood slut?" haha so according to this douchebag of a neighbor i have, i am the neighborhood slut. i guess having all your best friends (and neighbors) that you hang out with and see every single day makes you a slut. hey whatever. just shows how much a genious that woman is.
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I need something to do.... [05 Jun 2005|09:01pm]
1. Pat B
2. Steph
3. alex
4. Pat F
5. Steve
6. Jess
7. Dave S
8. Kyle
9. Ryan
10. Ashley
11. Kelly
12. Kevin
13. Brian
14. Matt
15. Caitlin
16. Stacy
17. Josh
18. Rob H
19. Russ
20. Kayla

-Who is #8 going out with? nobody

-Is #9 a boy or a girl? boy

-Would #11 and #2 make a cute couple? Steph and Kelly... i dunno about that one lol

-How about #18 and #4? deff not

-What grade is #17 in? junior in high school

-When was the last time you talked to #12? yesterday

-What is #6's favorite band? Relient k is what shes been listening to lately but its not her favorite im sure

-Does #1 have any siblings? nope only child

-Would you ever date #3? nah, hes too much of a brother

-Would you ever date #7? dave? possibly

-Is #6 single? nope

-What's #15's last name? Martens... cant spell it

-What's #10's middle name? actually i dont know

-What's #5's favorite thing to do? drum

-Is #13 hot? not too bad

-Would #14 and #19 make a good couple? nope lol

-What school does #20 go to? Liverpool high schoool

-Tell me a random fact about #11? she goes to potsdam

-And #3? he has a really fat cat

-Have you ever had a crush on #15? nope

-What's #4's favorite color? couldnt tell ya

-Would you make out with #14? nah

-Are #5 & #6 best friends? nope

-Does #7 like #20? deff not

-Does #8 like #19? heck no

-How did you meet #2? at laura's house when we made shirts for brian lavalle day
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*Things to look forward to..... [21 May 2005|04:01pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Darien Lake- May 23
SeNiOr BaLl- June 3
Last Day Of Class- June 8
GrAdUaTiOn- June 25
MY 18th BIRTHDAY- July 4 : )

Orientation- July 14&15
Week in Maine- August 5-12? i think

and of course, haning out with my ladies and my boys and my L'Pool every day and every night of the summer. Cannot wait for it to begin... It's gonna definetly be kick-ass : )

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[16 May 2005|10:00am]
I didn't mean it
When I said I didn't love you so
I should have held on tight
I never should've let you go
I didn't know nothing
I was stupid
I was foolish
I was lying to myself
I could not fathom that I would ever
Be without your love
Never imagined I'd be
Sitting here beside myself

'Cause I didn't know you
'Cause I didn't know me
But I thought I knew everything
I never felt
The feeling that I'm feeling now
Now that I don't
Hear your voice
Or have your touch and kiss your lips
Cause I don't have a choice
Oh, what I wouldn't give
To have you lying by my side
Right here, 'cause baby

When you left
I lost a part of me
It's still so hard to believe
Come back baby please
We belong together
Who else am I gonna lean on
When times get rough
Who's gonna talk to me on the phone
Till the sun comes up
Who's gonna take your place
There ain't nobody there
We belong together

I can't sleep at night
When you are on my mind
Bobby Womack's on the radio
Singing to me
'If you think you're lonely now'
Wait a minute
This is too deep, too deep
I gotta change the station
So I turn the dial
Trying to catch a break
And then I hear Babyface
I only think of you
And it's breaking my heart
I'm trying to keep it together
But I'm falling apart
I'm feeling all out of my element
I'm throwing things
Trying to figure out
Where the hell I went wrong
The pain reflected in this song
Ain't even half of what
I'm feeling inside
I need you
Need you back in my life baby


[Repeat chorus]
When you left
I lost a part of me
It's still so hard to believe
Come back baby please
We belong together
Who else am I gonna lean on
When times get rough
Who's gonna talk to me on the phone
Till the sun comes up
Who's gonna take your place
Baby nobody else
We belong together
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Spring Break 2 oh oh 5 8-) [25 Apr 2005|04:44pm]
So it was back to school today after one of the best weeks in a long time. Spent the whole week with my finest ladies and STUDDS in the 'Pool!! Bascially we did alot of nothing but it was fantastic. The Friday of break was kick-ass and the best way to start off spring break. We had a bonfire at Wiz's with the crew and had some visits by Justin, Rob, Tom, Dave, and Mike. I love those boys. Then the rest of the week was spur of the moment choices on what to do. However Im glad to stay there wasnt a day that I spent the whole day/night at my house. Made me very excited.

I did go to New York City with my family from Sunday-Tuesday. That was ok. It could have been way better. We saw Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. It was alright. Went to the Empire State Building at night which was pretty awesome. and we went to the Museum of Art. That wasnt too bad but it seemed more like a history museum rather than an art museum. Oh well. The rest of our time was spent wandering around tryin to find something to do. That part i didnt enjoy much.

But overall the week was awesome and I did not want it to end. Cant wait for summer!!

...and lets not forget the infamous quote of the week: "Fuck Myrtle Bitches!!" ooooh simply the best : )
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:-D [13 Apr 2005|05:41pm]

Im pumped : )
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*College:: [10 Apr 2005|02:23pm]
So yesterday I decided where I want to go to school next year.

Im gonna go to Fredonia : )

I just realy liked it... everything about it. The only thing that I really didnt like was the fact that I cant stay in co-ed dorm. But I was thinking about it and I figured if that was the only reason for not going there that was stupid. I can deal with it i think. Soo thats where I'll be next year and I best be getting some visitors lol : )
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"Love of My Life"- Brian Mcknight [31 Mar 2005|09:12pm]
First, first time I looked into your eyes
I saw heaven, oh, heaven in your eyes
Everything I did before you, wasn't worth my while
It should've been you all the time
I do anything, and everything to please you
You know how much I need you
You're always, always, on my mind

You're more than wonderful
More than amazing
Irreplaceable, love, love, in my life
You're so incredible, here in these arms tonight
The irreplaceable, love, love, of my life

Always, seems like reality
Forever, don't seem so far away
All I wanna do, all I wanna feel, all I wanna be is close to you
Everyday, is my lucky day
All I wanna do, is love you
I place no one above you
I'll tell you why

You're more than wonderful
More than amazing
The irreplaceable, love, love, in my life
You're so incredible, here in these arms tonight
The irreplaceable, love, love, of my life

Baby you know, you know you're my one and only
(All I wanna do is be together)
Sugar you know, I'll never leave you lonely
In your eyes, in your eyes I see forever
Ahhhh, ohhhh, ohhh, ohhhhh,
Ahhhhh, ohhhhhh, ohhhh,

You're more than wonderful
More than amazing
The irreplaceable, love, love, in my life
You're so incredible, here in these arms tonight
The irreplaceable, love, love, of my life
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: ) [30 Mar 2005|06:47pm]
[ mood | good ]

So lately me and Jess have been talking and hanging out and stuff. Its really exciting because we used to be friends back in middle school and bio in 10th grade. But now were in 2 classes and sit next to each other in both. I like being able to have another girl to talk to. I mean Steph is one of my best friends and everything but she is only a junior. I was kind of upset in thebeginning of the year becuase I didnt have a girl in my grade to do all of the senior things with. Now I do and it makes me happy. Things are looking up and Im really excited for things coming up. Spring break, Daves coming up, Ball, Graduation. Its really exciting. I cannot wait for it : )

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*100 Days till Graduation aka.... SeNiOr SkIp DaY!! [24 Mar 2005|06:07pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Today was so fun, and it was definetly an adventure i must say lol......

First off, Allie picked me up at 6:45 and we went to the senior breakfast. It was ok. They got us dunkin' doughnuts and bagels and stuff. They had door prizes but they didnt give them out till like 7:30. Before they announced the winners Mr Macnabb gave this speech about how this wasnt senior skip day and if people skipped they would somehow have to figure out a punishment blah blah blah..... I didnt win any prizes but oh well thats alirght

So after that was all over me and jess needed a ride to her house so that we could pick up her car so we could go out. We asked everybody if they were leaving but none of them were leaving until later so we went to go find Dave in the 100s to see if he would let us use his car to get Jess's. we get to the 100s and realize that its 7:44 and hes already in class. so we literally run all the way to the 900s, pull dave out of his class to find out that he drove his moms car to school. Jess didnt want to drive his moms car so we decided we were gonna walk to Jess's house since it was so nice out.

We get out to the student parking lot and there a security gaurd driving around it keeping kids from skipping so we quickly walk into the teacher lot and wait there for him to turn around. then we walked out onto Wetzel and started our walk to the village. Luckily sean cuskey dirves by and picks us up on the way and drives us to jess's house. We stayed there for a little bit and then went over to Katies. We got there and just chlled with Katie, Nata, Julie, and Mychal. We watched porn, Julie was prank called people. it was funny. Katie took Nata home and was gone for over an hour so me, Jess, Julie, and Mychal all stayed there and got ready to go out. lol Julie was cracking us up.. "THIS IS TINA!", "Refer to him as the nigger". omg it was so funny.

Katie finally got back and we all went out to eat at taco bell. then we went to TJ Max and then Kohls. We saw Caitlin and Ashley there. Then we went back to Katies till it was time to leave. Watched TV and stuff. Then Jess brought me home. It was a fun Senior Skip Day : )

That night I went to the mall with Steph and handed in my application at Aero, then we just wandered and ended up buying something at Hollister. Its like impossible for me not to buy a Hollister shirt when I go to the mall. Oh well lol Then she came back here, tryed to find her a prom date and just talked and eveyrthing. Then she went home and my sister had friends sleeping over so I watched Nepoleon Dynamite with them and then talked to Dave and went to bed.

Gotta say it was a very fun day... I love being a senior : )

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